Limiting/Turning Off Installatron Backups at the Server Level

Co-authored by Meredith Fierro and Katie Hartraft.

The Installatron automatic backups feature is a set it and forget it setting that keeps a copy of a given installation inside a user's account that they can restore at any point. But, these copies can take up space on servers. In order to manage storage for your institution, you may want to limit how many Installatron backups can be stored per installation at a time or even turn off Installatron backups altogether.  You can do all this at the server level in WHM. Additionally, Reclaim Hosting keeps 30 days of daily offsite backups at the cPanel level so if you are ever in a pinch and need a backup, reach out to and we’ll be happy to provide that for you.

Individual users may also want to turn off or even delete backups in their cPanel; we have a guide for this here.

Limiting Backups

After signing into WHM, search for Installatron in the search bar.


In the menu on the left, find “Backups” and select “Quotas”.


From here you can see any quotas you have already created or “add a backup quota”. You will see a list of different variables you can adjust, which will be broken down below.

Backup Channels

What type of backups you are setting a quota for. Permanent backups are those manually created by users that must be manually deleted. Expiring backups are those taken before applications are updated and generally expire after 2 weeks. Automatic backups are scheduled by the user to occur at certain intervals, if allowed by the server.

The most popular one of these, and what generally takes up the most space on the server, is expiring backups.



Where backups are saved and which should be included in this quota. “All backup locations” encompasses every backup regardless of location, while “All Preconfigured Backup Locations” means those set to the default location (and not setup by the users, such as Drive, Dropbox, etc).



How many either backups or megabytes are allowed per installed application, domain, or account.



What will Installatron’s response be when a backup is attempted to be made when the quota has already been reached.


When you’re all done make sure to hit “Save All”.

Turning Off & Deleting Backups

First, log into your server at

Search Installatron on the toolbar on the left sidebar. Click ‘Installatron Applications Installer.’


This will open up a new window where you can manage all Installatron settings. Click ‘Features.’ This brings up an administrator screen where you can modify any server-wide settings. You’ll want to focus on the ‘Backups and Restore’ section. You can disable the option to automatically take backups and restore from them if needed.

Click ‘Disable’ to turn off the option to turn off backups server wide.


You’ll want to turn off the automatic backup feature as well. These backups run whenever an update is released within Installatron and is used to restore from if the update goes wrong.


From there scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Save All’ to process these changes server wide.


See our Working with Installatron article for a comprehensive list of related Support articles.
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