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cPanel has a wide variety of tools available and that can sometimes feel overwhelming for beginner users. As an administrator you have the ability to disable features on your server that you feel are not necessary or that you simply don’t want your users to have access to. Many schools running subdomains may decide to disable email features entirely, for example. You can accomplish all this from the Feature Manager section of WHM:


Click on the main cPanel package that end users receive. In the above case, the package is called default. If there are multiple packages (i.e. versions of cPanel) listed and you’re unsure of which one to select, navigate to WHM > List Accounts and look for the Package column. Hopefully that should clue you in!


Ok, back to Feature Manager. Select the cPanel package from the Feature list where changes need to be made and then click Edit


As you can see, the interface here is very straightforward. If a box is checked that feature is accessible to all users. If its unchecked then it is disabled and users will not see that icon or area of cPanel.

Note that some feature names are not so straightforward. Additionally, there may be some cPanel features that are associated with multiple items.

Once you have unchecked any items you want to disable, click Save at the bottom. This change is immediate for all users in cPanel.

For Domain of One's Own schools with more than one server, you will need to replicate these setting changes on each DoOO server separately.

If you would like to remove the email section from cPanel, you can reference our guide Removing Email Section from cPanel.

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