Staging Sites using Clone Tool

Have a Staging Site is a great way to have a development site from which you can easily sync your changes to a production main site. You can create a staging site using the Clone Tool in Installatron > My Apps. Follow the steps below to create a staging site:

1. Create a subdomain for the new staging site. For instance: Or create a development url like See Development URLs

2. Next, click the clone button next to the application install that you want to copy. 


3. Under Destination > Domain, select your newly created subdomain. This tells installatron where to copy the new staging site. You'll also want to check the box next to Create a Staging Site.


4. From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Clone.

5. After that's complete, you can then sync changes made in the staging site, to the production site by clicking the Sync tool next to the production site, or visa versa, you can sync the production site to staging site by clicking sync tool in staging site:



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