Working with Installatron: Settings, Updates, Backups, and Troubleshooting



We totally get it-- Installatron is a super powerful tool with a lot of function, but if can feel overwhelming if you've never worked with it before. Here are some starter guides to read through as you're exploring Installatron for Domain of One's Own. Think of it as a Table of Contents, if you will.

At the cPanel Account Level (End User)

  1. What Exactly is an Installatron Web Application?
  2. Configuring Settings for Automatic Updates in Installatron
  3. How to Manually Update an App in Installatron
  4. Automatic Backups and Restores in Installatron
  5. Turning off and Deleting Automatic Backups in Installatron
  6. Managing Installatron Notifications
  7. Deleting an Installed Application
  1. Installatron Backup Policy
  2. Customizing Applications in Installatron 
  3. Bird's Eye View of all Installed Apps in Installatron
  4. Creating Site Templates in Installatron
  5. Limiting/Turning Off Installatron Backups at the Server Level

Common Troubleshooting in Installatron

  1. WordPress' Auto-Login Stopped Working
  2. 500 Error when installing Apps
  3. Changing your Omeka Credentials in Installatron
  4. Site Cloning in Installatron
  5. Importing Installations 
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