Terminating cPanel Accounts Using WHMCS

When supporting Domain of One’s Own, one of the issues folks run into is someone having created an account they not longer want. This can happen for several reasons: they think Facebook is the one true web, they believe aliens invented the internet and are using it against humanity (distinct possibility), they don’t like the domain they created, they have done their work and want it gone, etc. Probably the most common is case you are getting rid of old accounts. If they have content on the site, you may want to recommend they grab a backup just in case. you can terminate their hosting account in WHM through WHMCS which is the best way to do it because WHMCS keeps a record of the account, even if it no longer exists and will not count towards total number of active accounts for a Domain of One’s Own instance.


Click on the terminate button in WHMCS to delete the web hosting account product. Keep in mind you will still need to delete the user in order for them to create a new account.

Once the Terminate button has been click the account on WHM will have been removed, and it will no longer count against your cPanel account total, but WHMCS will keep a record that it once existed for your files.

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