Using the SSH Gate

Difficulty: Intermediate

Reclaim Cloud provides an SSH gateway to any node that is created in your account. To start you’ll want to make sure you’ve created an ssh keypair and uploaded the public key to your account. If you haven't generated a keypair and uploaded it to your account, you can check our guides on Generating SSH key pairs and Adding SSH Keys to your Reclaim Cloud account. You’ll find a global SSH access area under the Settings menu when clicking your profile in the top right of the screen.




Within this area you have the option of opening a web-based shell session or copying the shell command to use your own terminal application like Putty or Terminal. For the web-based shell you can simply click the button and choose a particular node to open a session right on screen.


For the separate ssh command to be used in a terminal session of your own you will be prompted for the particular environment and node that you’d like to enter after connecting.

You can also find SFTP and SSH access details for each particular node from the gear icon when hovering over a particular node in the environment you’ve created.

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