How to Access PHPMyAdmin in Reclaim Cloud

If you would like to install and work within a MySQL database on Reclaim Cloud, follow this guide . Below, I will cover two ways to access/log into PHPMyAdmin.

Welcome Email Link

When you first install MySQL, you will receive a confirmation email upon successful completion.



This email will provide you with your username and password, along with the URL to access phpMyAdmin. Clicking this link will bring you to a login page for you to enter the credentials.
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 4.23.47 PM

Once in phpMyAdmin, you can create additional users following this guide.

Through Reclaim Cloud Dashboard

After logging into, you will see your dashboard. Navigate to the environment and, under SQL Databases, hover over the Node. Clicking the first icon from the left will open the login screen in a new tab.

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 4.23.47 PM

The login credentials are either those from the initial sign up email you receive upon installation or those of a user you create. If you would like to add a user, you can do so following this guide.

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