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The smallest infrastructure component. Equal to 128 MiB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU power simultaneously.

  • Reserved Cloudlets are fixed amount of resources reserved in advance. Reserved cloudlets are cheaper than dynamic and recommended to be used when the application load is permanent.
  • Dynamic Cloudlets are added and removed automatically according to the amount of resources required by an application (assigned when load goes up and removed when it drops down).


(or, node) is an isolated virtualized instance, provisioned for software stack handling (like application servers, databases, load balancers etc). Each container can be automatically scaled, both vertically and horizontally.

There are certified containers for Java , PHP , Ruby , Node.js , Python , and Go and the ability to deploy custom Docker containers.


A collection of isolated containers for running particular application services. Actions that can be performed for the whole environment include stop, start, clone, migrate to another region, share/collaborate, track resource consumption, and so on.

Each environment has its own 3rd level domain name by default (similar to A custom external domain can be bound with a CNAME or A record, or also swapped with another environment for traffic redirection.

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