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What is Cloud Hosting?

The term “cloud” can get bandied about when it comes to the internet, but at its core, Cloud Computing was in line with the vision that resources could scale seamlessly based on usage rather than some perceived notion of a high-water mark of usage. Like other utilities such as water, electricity, and gas, computing power would be a resource that you would pay for based on actual usage rather than projects.

Add to that the evolution of container-based server infrastructure, and you have the means by which you can encapsulate various technology stacks running various environments (PHP, Python, node.js, Ruby, Go, etc.) in their own container running side-by-side on the same server.

We wrote a quick overview of the differences between Shared, Managed/VPS, and Cloud hosting. This guide also covers what nodes or “containers” are.

Want a deeper dive into the basic concepts and terminology? You can review this Basics Reference & Terminology documentation from Jelastic, the platform on which Reclaim Cloud is built.

Creating and Managing Environments

Now that you have a basic sense of what the cloud, you will probably want to create your own environments to house and manage containers. An easy practice environment would be installing WordPress.

The marketplace is the go-to for creating environments, though you may also be interested in spinning up a Docker container on your own.

After creating environments, it is also helpful to know how to manage them.

Other Helpful Beginning Information

Ready to get out there and Reclaim the Cloud ?

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