Pointing a Reclaim Hosting URL to Reclaim Cloud

If you have a domain through Reclaim Hosting that you would like to connect to an environment in Reclaim Cloud, you can do so by managing DNS through your cPanel or Client Area.

Determining what DNS records to use

You can point your custom domain to Reclaim Cloud by using either an A record or CNAME record. Here are a couple things to note in order to determine what records you should use:

  1. Using A Records is preferred, given there are less restrictions to get up and running. Even still, please note that A records need a dedicated IP address associated with the Reclaim Cloud environment. These aren't always included in environments by default, but you can add one following this guide.
  2. CNAME records can only be used for subdomains. CNAME records also require an extra step to "bind" the domain in your Reclaim Cloud dashboard, which will be covered below. 


Managing DNS Records in cPanel

If you have a hosting plan with Reclaim, and your domain is on your account as the primary domain or an addon domain, you can edit the DNS records through your cPanel > Zone Editor


Updating an A Record in cPanel

Updating a CNAME Record in cPanel

  • In the name field, put the subdomain you would like to use

  • TTL is Time To Live, a setting that tells the DNS resolver how long to cache a query before requesting a new one. This setting is typically set to 14400 seconds (4 hours).

  • For the record enter the environment URL for your Reclaim Cloud instance, such as env-7884442.us.reclaim.cloud.


Managing DNS Records in Client Area

If you only have a domain name through Reclaim with no additional hosting plan, you will use your Client Area Portal to manage DNS records.

There you will be able to update DNS records in Client Area, similarly to how you might manage records in cPanel.

Updating an A Record in Client Area

Updating a CNAME Record in Client Area


CNAME: Binding Domain within Reclaim Cloud

If you’re using a CNAME record, remember that you will need to additionally bind the appropriate domain name to the environment:

  1. Within the Reclaim Cloud dashboard, click the Settings button (the wrench-in-gear icon) for the environment you need to bind a domain name.
    Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 6.09.37 PM

  2. Under the Custom Domains tab > Domain Binding section, specify your subdomain select Bind.

Note: It may take up to several minutes until the new URL settings will take effect.

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