Adding Collaborators to Reclaim Cloud Accounts and Environments

If you would like others to be able to work within your cloud account, you can do so by adding a collaborator to the entire account or to a single environment.

If you’re looking for more info on collaboration managementcheck out this guide from Jelastic.

Account Collaboration

The primary account is the main billing account. The primary account owner can manage the list of all other collaboration users, specify their privileges for performing certain activities, decide on the access to the shared within collaboration environments, etc. All of the charges for using shared environments are applied to this account.

A collaboration user can work with shared environments of the primary billing account, deploy applications, change configurations, read log files, view statistics, and so on. The only exceptions are that this user cannot clone and migrate environments.

To add collaborators to the account:

  1. Select the Settings button in the right top corner of the Reclaim Cloud dashboard.

  2. You will see the Account Settings tab opened at the bottom of the page. Expand the Collaboration item to see two additional sections:

  • Shared by Me
  • Shared with Me
  1. Navigate to Shared by Me. Here you can invite users to join your collaboration, edit their permissions, or remove them.


  2. Invite the user by adding their email and choosing whether or not you want to allow the to create new environments.


  3. The user will then receive an email to accept the collaboration.

Environment Collaboration

An environment collaborator without additional privileges can create, deploy, configure, view statistics, and read logs. If granted access by the primary owner, the collaborator can also change topology, have SSH access, or delete an environment.

What collaborators cannot do, no matter the permissions, is clone or migrate the environment.

To add an environment collaborator:

  1. Next to the environment, select the settings icon
  2. From the menu on the left, choose Collaboration
  3. Select Add
  4. Enter the collaborator’s email address
  5. Optionally, you can grant access for the collaborator to be able to edit the topology of the environment and have SSH access.
  6. Click Save



The user you add then receives an email to accept the invitation to collaborate. Once accepted, they can choose to leave the collaboration at any time.

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