Changing Ownership/Transferring Reclaim Cloud Environment

This guide is for if you want to move an environment to another cloud account. This is seen as transferring the environment or changing the environment’s ownership.

Effects of Transferring An Environment

  • No changes are applied to the environment after transferring. The new owner receives it in the same status and with all custom configurations and applications deployed.

  • The transferred environment becomes unshared from all the users that had access to it.

  • All of the charges on an environment’s resource consumption will be applied to the new owner’s account.

Conditions for Transferring

While transferring an environment, the following requirements are checked:

  1. Existence of target registered account = The account needs to already be registered with Reclaim Cloud

  2. Type of account = An environment can be transferred from any type of account (trial, billing) and even with deactivated status. At the same time, an environment can only be moved to a billing account* registered with Reclaim Cloud.

  3. Status of environment = Environments don’t need to be running or stopped; the transferring settings are available for environments in all statuses.

  4. Quotas = The target account should not be limited by any of the following quotas in order to receive the transferred environment:
    • maximum cloudlets number per container
    • maximum number of compute nodes available for one environment
    • maximum number of created environments
    • ability to switch on Public IP, VDS or High-Availability (if they are enabled in the transferred environment)

How to Transfer An Environment

  1. Click the Settings button next to the desired environment.


  2. In the opened tab, navigate to the Change Owner section and enter the email address of the target user. Click the Send Request button.


  3. If the target account exists and meets all the requirements, you will see a notification that the request has been sent.


  4. The specified user will receive a request for an environment transfer with a confirmation URL via email.


  5. While waiting for a new owner’s confirmation, the environment is marked with a custom icon at the initial owner’s dashboard.

  6. In the case you would like to cancel a pending transfer request you’ve initiated, navigate to the same Settings > Change Owner section and click Cancel Request button.


  7. When the target user confirms the transfer request, the environment is removed from the initial owner’s panel and appears at the dashboard of the new owner.

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