Managing MySQL Databases Under Reclaim Cloud

When setting up databases and users for applications such as Omeka and WordPress under Reclaim Cloud, the process is different than what you might be familiar with. If you’ve worked with cPanel before, you’ll see a similar look in phpMyAdmin but the management is slightly more manual. There’s no MySQL Database Wizard or MySQL Databases that allow you to manage each database automatically. This guide will cover the process of how to get a new database and user configured and how to assign privileges.

Creating the Environment

The first thing we need to do is create an environment. This will be an Apache server along with a MySQL database. Click New Environment in the upper left of your Reclaim Cloud Dashboard.

New Environment

For this guide I’m using the default settings.



Click the Create button once everything is set up as you would like.

Creating the Database

Once the environment has been created, the next step is to log into phpMyAdmin create a database and user.

You will have an email in your mailbox titled MySQL Node Successfully Added to Your Reclaim Cloud Environment. This will provide the necessary information for logging into phpMyAdmin.


Once logged in, click New on the left hand side.


We can now create the database. This can be given any name you wish. For this example I’m creating a database for Omeka which is named omeka-test_om1. Once you have entered the name to be used, click Create.

Create database

The database will appear on the left hand side.

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 7.22.36 PM

Adding a User

Next we need to create a user. Click User accounts along the top of the phpMyAdmin home screen.



Click Add user account.

Add user account

The user name can be whatever you like. I typically prefer to have it the same as the database to keep things simple. Enter a password and re-type it.



All privileges under Data and Structure should be assigned. We have a separate guide available which explains the MySQL User Permissions.


At the bottom of the page click Go which will create the database user.



Modifying Privileges for an Existing User

Should we need to modify the privileges for an existing user, you’ll first want to click User accounts along the top of the phpMyAdmin home screen.



Under User accounts overview you can then click Edit privileges next to the user you would like to modify.

Edit privileges

In addition to assigning or re-assigning new permissions, it’s also possible to reset the users password.

Click Change password along the top of the screen.

You will then be able to change the password either by typing one in manually or having the system generate it.

Once this has been done, click Go to save the changes.

Change password

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