DoOO WP Pages

A standard Domain of One's Own instance might include the following pages by default in the main WordPress Dashboard:


  1. Dashboard
  2. Homepage
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Request Form
  5. User Information

It's critical that you do not change the names or URL locations of these pages without first speaking with Reclaim Hosting Support, given a lot of DoOO code is looking to these specific pages. 


The Dashboard page will be associated with the embedded cPanel. When your users are logged in and they navigate to, they will see something like this:



The Homepage page will be associated with your Domain of One's Own landing page at


Privacy Policy

If your Institution requires a custom Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, Terms of Service, or something similar, you may find that on the Privacy Policy page. 


You may also wish to link out to an existing Terms page, which is also possible. Feel free to read through a few examples of DoOO policy pages below:

Request Form

The Request Form page will be activated when Institutions wish for their end users to 'request' an account as opposed to signing up as they please. The request form can be turned on and off quite simply, and can allow admins to capture a bit more data about who is signing up for an account and why. That said, this extra step does mean that there's an approval process for allowing users to move forward with the sign up process. You can learn more about these workflows here

When the Request Form is enabled, it will look like this after users authenticate with Single Sign On:


User Information

The User Information page (formerly Migration Information and FTP Information pages) will be located at This page will only be viewable to folks that have existing cPanel accounts and will provide them with a bit more information about their options for:

  • connecting to their accounts via S/FTP
  • resetting their cPanel/SFTP password
  • SFTP Client Information
  • generating a full backup of their cPanel account 
  • migrating to Reclaim Hosting

A User Information page might look something like this:


If you have any questions about adding new pages or changing existing ones within your DoOO WordPress Dashboard, please feel free to reach us at

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