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Have you come back to your Omeka site to find that you’re missing content? The most likely cause is that your items, pages, exhibits, and/or collections have been set to private, so only those who are signed in can see them. There are two ways you can fix this:

In Omeka Installation

First, sign in to your Omeka installation, and then go to every item, page, exhibit, and collection you want to appear and hit Edit.

The process may be slightly different depending on what you’re making public, but usually you’ll see a drop-down menu or a check box where you can select Public. In the case of an item, there is a check box.

In Database

Or, you can do it all through the database. Open up phpMyAdmin in your cPanel, and find the database for your Omeka install. This will usually be your username followed by _om and a number. If you have several Omeka installs, you may want to make sure what database goes with which site. You can find this information out by going to My Apps in your cPanel, clicking the wrench icon on the right hand side, and switching over to either the Files & Tables or Advanced tabs.

Once you’ve located your database, and opened it up in phpMyAdmin, go ahead and find the proper table depending on what you want to make public. If your items are private then go ahead and select om_items, if its your exhibits then go to om_exhibits. You should see a column labeled public, which more than likely will contain a lot of 0s.

Go ahead and change all of these 0s to 1s, which will make everything here public. You can either do this by hand, or using a SQL query like this: UPDATE `om_items` SET `public` = 1; (just replace om_items with the proper table name). You can run a SQL query against the database by either clicking the SQL tab in the top-area. Once your query is ready, you can hit Simulate query to make sure everything runs, and hit Go to execute it once you’re ready.

If all of your items are marked public, there may be another underlying issue with your site. In which case, do not hesistate to reach out to support@reclaimhosting.com!

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