How to Install Omeka S on Reclaim Hosting

Reclaim Hosting recently announced an automated installer for Omeka S is now available and in this guide we’ll show you how to install this new software.


To begin you’ll select All Applications from the Application menu in cPanel (note that Omeka S is different from Omeka Classic which has its own shortcut link from the Applications menu)

56 PM

You’ll find the Omeka S installer located in the Content Management Systems section of the application directory (or you can search in the top right by name)

12 PM

54 PM

Click install this application and choose a location for the install from the dropdown. If installing to a directory like add the directory below the location, otherwise you can leave the directory field empty.

26 PM

You’ll be asked to add the name for the install, Email Address, your name, and a password to configure the Omeka S install. Then click Install at the bottom of the page.

45 PM

56 PM

Once the install is complete you can use the /admin link to access the login for the dashboard of Omeka S and begin working with it.

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