AutoSSL: "Potential reduced AutoSSL coverage" Errors

Have you received emails from cPanel lately that mention Potential reduced AutoSSL coverage on particular URLs? They're likely for URLs like or That email may look like this:


This is contributed to how the DNS is set up for your particular URL. If you are not using Reclaim Hosting's nameservers ( and, you can point the DNS to your server using a couple of methods:

  • A Record: This will point to the domain using the server's IP address. The record will typically looks like this: Screen_Shot_2022-01-24_at_09.10.43.png
  • CNAME record: You can use a wildcard CNAME record to point the domain to the server. That record looks like this:Screen_Shot_2022-01-24_at_09.16.30.png

Both of these records are useful to point the domain, but if you are not using Reclaim Hosting's nameservers and/or using a .edu URL Reclaim does recommend working the wildcard CNAME record. It's important to note with a wildcard CNAME you will want to make sure to include the "*." portion of the record. 


Now, if you're receiving these errors from AutoSSL, it's likely you're using one of the DNS management options as listed above. If that's the case, you will need to adjust your options through the domain's DNS management.


While you may see existing DNS records within your cPanel account that reflect the proper DNS for the account, keep in mind that these records are not valid as the domain is not using Reclaim's nameservers. You will need to manage the DNS records with the company where the domain is registered, or through the University's IT department if needed. 


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