Removing Advanced Applications from cPanel

Starting in January 2022, Reclaim Hosting is removing support for advanced CloudLinux applications in cPanel dashboards, as well as removing the ability to install these applications. Going forward, all advanced applications like Ruby, Python, and Node.js should be managed in Reclaim Cloud or hosted elsewhere.

Determining Advanced Applications

Not sure if you are working with Advanced Applications? We can help you determine if you are! First, if you are working with any applications in Installatron (like WordPress Omeka, Drupal, and Grav), you will not need to move to Reclaim Cloud. These applications are all supported in cPanel. 

You can view all applications that are run using the CloudLinux integration on your cPanel under Software:


You can view your Python, Ruby, and Node.js apps under their respective sections. If they are empty, then your account is not using an advanced application. 

Please note: If you are not inclined to move to a Reclaim Cloud environment, please note that your existing applications will no longer be compatible in cPanel starting January 17, 2022.

Moving to Reclaim Cloud

For those who aren’t familiar with Reclaim Cloud and would like a chance to look around prior to migrating, you can sign up for a free trial account. We also have a collection of Reclaim Cloud guides, including a Getting Started in Reclaim Cloud article that covers some beginner ground.

Moving these advanced applications to Reclaim Cloud will let us focus our support and resources on an environment that they are better suited to live in. Please reach out to Reclaim Hosting Support if you have any questions, and do let us know how we can best support you and your work when this transition begins in January.


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