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Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) is a fully-featured Reclaim Hosting platform to give every student, faculty, and staff the opportunity to get their own domain and webspace. The DoOO magic happens when users are able to navigate to a custom homepage portal like, login with their SSO credentials, and sign up for their very own cPanel account-- completely self service. The ways in which users sign up for an account, and what domain they work with are completely customizable, and you can learn more about those possibilities here.

What's more, the look and feel of cPanel can be completely customized as well, allowing you to provide a fully unique hosting experience that makes sense of your specific community. 

All Domain of One's Own projects include the following:

  • a managed private virtual server that accommodates up to 500 users
  • regular, off-site backups
  • 250 GBs of storage to start
  • SSO integration
  • A branded portal like
  • A dedicated server used entirely to customize your needs
  • Documentation templates to support your administrators & community
  • Migration strategies for graduating students
  • Thorough training for new DoOO Administrators
  • Access to regular workshops for DoOO Administrators
  • Dedicated Support Service Level Agreement

You can view more information about Domain of One's Own here. We also have a great set of guides for DoOO Admins that you're welcome to look through as well! If you're ready to get started with DoOO on your campus, please contact us for next steps!

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