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Every school is unique, but one thing is universal: your website is vital to the work you do. Here at Reclaim, we have a proven track record hosting higher education’s infrastructure, and we're ready to help our current partners host their campus .edu in the cloud.

ReclaimEDU is Reclaim Hosting's solution to the high-traffic, high availability needs of an institution's top-level .edu website. It combines multi-region WordPress hosting with CDN/ADN caching and load balancing to provide:

  • strong performance and quick loading times by dynamically routing traffic based on user location and best available server
  • high availability and uptime with multiple sync'd servers to provide failover across several regions in the event of an emergency
  • read/write failover, so that if the primary site goes down, the secondary site(s) will still allow for writing to the database and uploading files

What's Included

ReclaimEDU setups are customized based on your needs. However, by default the package includes:

  • Two cloud servers (one primary and one secondary); the primary server syncs instantaneously to the secondary and the static backup
  • One static backup server
  • CDN and Load Balancing software to ensure stability, security and speed (including DDOS protection features, a web application firewall to filter and monitor malicious traffic to the site, and a host-based intrusion detection system to look for unusual patterns that might indicate an attempted breach)
  • Software designed for performance and security, like LiteSpeed & Bitninja
  • Server-level backups
  • Additional on-demand backups
  • Ability to integrate with Campus Single Sign On
  • Dedicated Support Service Level Agreement
  • Multiregion development environment to test any changes and updates before they go live

We’d love to chat with you about what you’re currently doing, any pain points you might have, and how we can boost site performance with ReclaimEDU. From there, our team will put together an in-depth diagnosis and Scope of Work that outlines our full migration plan, multi-region infrastructure setup, support & maintenance services, and ongoing cost projections.

We're here to help. Your .edu should be a conversation, so reach out and let's talk about the best fit for you.

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