Managed Hosting


While Shared Hosting allows hundreds of individual users to share the resources of a single server, Managed Hosting provides a dedicated server to a single project, organization, or community. This means that all server resources will be completely dedicated to your project(s) or users only.

Use cases for Managed Hosting may include the following:

  • Hosting a digital project that's not supported in a Shared Hosting environment
  • A large WordPress Multisite
  • Other large application instances like Commons in a Box

All Managed Hosting projects include the following:

  • Dedicated Cloud Server
  • Automated Backups
  • Free Migration Services to Reclaim Hosting
  • Robust Security Measures like Bitninja and ConfigSecurity and Firewall
  • Ability to integrate with Campus Single Sign On
  • Dedicated Support Service Level Agreement

You can get a better sense of Managed Hosting costs here. Please feel free to contact us if you think Managed Hosting may be right for you. 

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