Giving User-Account Access to Someone without Single Sign on


When starting a DoOO project, your institution may already have existing sites hosted elsewhere that you want to migrate to Domain of One’s Own. (We recommend exploring our Support documentation or contacting our Support team if you have questions regarding migration workflows.) Maybe your school has existing WordPress sites with custom themes and plugins, and perhaps you’re working with a developer to move them over to DoOO. The following guide will work for any administrator as well, but in the event that you want to hand out only partial access to the person doing the work, keep reading:


1. Developer is given the user’s cPanel credentials
2. Developer logs in directly to user’s cPanel account at
3. Files are uploaded and the site is set up (via FTP or cPanel)
4. Import the site files into Installatron viewer. (We have a guide on this here.)


1. Individual cPanel credentials for a user can be found in WHMCS > Client Profile > Product/Services tab:


2. Developer logs in at


3. Developer uploads files in cPanel (left) or SFTP (right):


4. Import WordPress site to Installatron viewer:


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