Migrating Scalar

This guide will walk you through how to migrate a usc.edu hosted Scalar instance to a standalone Scalar install. This can also be replicated within a DoOO Environment.

Before the Migration

To start you’ll need login information for the scalar.usc.edu instance.

Before starting the migration, you’ll need to make sure that the book is set to public. To do that, click ‘Sharing.’ Under the ‘Availability’ section both options should say ‘Yes.’ Scalar looks at the public version of the site to import the content.


Export Code

Next, click the ‘Import/Export’ tab. Then click the link that is underneath the URL, where it says ‘Or, download as RDF-XML’ in the ‘Export’ section.


From here a new tab will open up with XML code. Click  ‘File > Save Page As.’ This will bring up a file save window. Make sure the file is saved as an XML file.



Install Scalar

From here, once the XML file has been saved, you’ll need to install Scalar on the domain that the content is being migrated to. Save the password generated to send to the client for logging in.

Create Book and Import

Once Scalar is installed, create a new book within the install, make sure to name it the same as the previous site.


Finally, import the XML file you downloaded. This is a two-step confirmation.



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