Blank Screen on WordPress

There is a setting in WordPress that allows you to change the Site URL and the HomePage URL of any site. This can be helpful if you’re moving the site, but if nothing is currently pointed to the URL that you want to change it to, this can break the site. This article will walk you through the fix to get your site back online quickly.

First, log in to your cPanel. You’ll need to find the database associated with the WordPress site that’s showing the white screen. Click ‘My Apps.’


Click the site name you’re working with.


Click the ‘Files and Tables’ tab underneath the site preview.


Scroll and make note of the database name.


Then, go back to your main cPanel page. Scroll down and click 'PHP MyAdmin in the 'Databases section.


Click the database name that matches the one found in the ‘Files and Tables’ section. Find and click the ‘wp-options’ table.


There are two tables you’ll need to make sure match your original site name. These tables are site URL and homepage URL. site URL is on the first page of the database and the home page URL is on the second page of this table. Click ‘Edit’ in the same row as the site URL and homepage URL row.



Change the URL back to your original URL in the ‘option_value’ section. Then click ‘Go’ to confirm the changes.


You’re good to go! The site should come back online in no time. Feel free to reach out if you’re stuck and Reclaim will be happy to take a look!

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