Updating Themes, Plugins, and WordPress Core Files

If you use WordPress, chances are you’ve installed plugins and themes to satisfy your particular site needs. In order to keep your site secure, prevent data loss and even use newly developed features, you’ll want to regularly maintain your WordPress dashboard by running updates. Out of date WordPress core files, themes and plugins can lead to site performance and security issues, so it is important to keep your site updated at all times.

Keep in mind that ALL tools need to stay updated, even if the theme or plugin is installed but not currently activated.

Before Running Updates

Sometimes an update may cause a conflict with another theme or plugin within your dashboard. Before running updates, you may want to take a backup of your site in Installatron or test updates on a test copy of your site (i.e. using Installatron’s cloning tool).

Running Updates in WordPress Dashboard

To view your available updates, you will first want to login to your admin dashboard. Next, you will see a number indicator both in your top menu, along with a number under the Dashboard > Updates submenu found below:



Click into the Updates page, and you will then see a list of updates available, all including WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugins.


WordPress Core Updates

If you don’t have the latest available version of WordPress, you will see the message ‘An updated version of WordPress is available’ before two buttons. Click on the Update Now button. It will download the latest version, deactivate your plugins, replace the right files and reactivate your plugins. This could take a few minutes depending on how many updates you need to run.



Themes & Plugins Updates

If there are some plugins or themes that can be updated, they will appear here, right below the part which tells you if a new version of WordPress is available or not.

To update your plugins, select them and click on the Update Plugins button. The same can be done with themes: select them and click Update Themes.



Automatic Updates

If you would like updates to run automatically in your WordPress dashboard, that’s possible too! Follow these steps to make sure your Installatron settings are configured correctly.

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