Using Dropbox with UpDraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is a very useful plugin which allows the migration of WordPress sites quite easily. However, I’ve run into a few instances where the host server I’m migrating from didn’t have enough space to create the backups. Luckily you can connect UpdraftPlus to Dropbox so the files can be sent over there.

This guide will only cover connecting Dropbox to UpdraftPlus. For the full migration guide, please refer to Migrating a WordPress Site Using UpdraftPlus

The first step is to click Settings in UpdraftPlus and then select Dropbox from the remote storage options.

You’ll next be presented with some information about the Dropbox connection letting you know that you’ll need to be logged into the Dropbox account you wish to connect.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

The following popup will appear with a link that will authorize access to your Dropbox account.


After clicking the link, you’ll be presented with the following page. Be sure to click the Allow button.


The final page appears in all orange. Click Complete setup to finalize the Dropbox connection.


UpDraftPlus will show a confirmation message that the authentication with your Dropbox account has been successful. The amount of storage available will also be listed.


In Dropbox you’ll now see an folder under Apps where the backup files will be stored.


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