Registering Domain for Multiple Years

This guide covers information about registering domains for multiple years. The maximum of 10 years is set by ICANN. The Reclaim Hosting sign up form allows users to select one, two or three years, but they can contact us if they would like more than that.

Register Domains for Multiple Years

You can register domains for multiple years. There are several reasons why someone or an organization would want to do this. For example you don’t have to worry about renewing every single year. And it helps to maintain an established name or trademark for an extended period of time.

Our order form shows up to 3 years at a time (see Billing Cycle below), but we can manually place an order for up to 10. The 10-year mark is a hard restriction that ICANN places on domains.



But if you want to register the domain for more than 3 years, please Contact Us instead of using the order form and we will set up the order for up to 10 years maximum. So for example if you already have it registered for the next 2 years, then only 8 more years could be added.

For more information on Domain Names registration, renewals and the 10-year limit view these articles.

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