Emails you can expect after registering a Domain Name (and what to do if you're getting spam)


The Verification Email you can expect

When you first sign up for your Reclaim Hosting account you will be required to verify your email address. We have a guide about this process here.

Where is all this domain name spam coming from?

It’s a question we get fairly often and the root of the problem is in part a result of how the domain name registration process works. Each domain name that is registered is required by ICANN, the governing authority for international domain registrations, to have a public record of contact information often referred to as a WHOIS record. When you register a domain with Reclaim Hosting your contact information is submitted as domain contact for the account.

Unfortunately malicious companies often search these public records for contact information and will often use it as an opportunity to market paid services or in even worse cases to attempt to trick the user into thinking their domain should be renewed with them.

How do I know which emails are legitimate?

Legitimate emails regarding your domain registration with Reclaim Hosting will always come from a email address. Even emails from our registrar directly utilize our email system to ensure that you can verify if an email is legitimate. If you are ever in doubt about this, please forward the email to to ask us and we’ll be happy to confirm or deny the legitimacy of a particular email in our system.

Is there anything I can do about the spam?

At the time of signup we offer an addon for domain registrations called ID Protect and if you chose not to select it but would like to later you can always add it as an option by going to the Reclaim Hosting Client Area and navigating to Domains Manage Domain Addons to add ID Protect. Within 24 hours your WHOIS record will be masked for privacy. You can read more about ID Protect and the benefits of it here.

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