How to Configure Billing Auto-Refill

Reclaim Cloud makes it easy to auto-refill your account at specific intervals. Using Auto-refill is a great way to ensure your account never runs out of funds and your projects stop running.

You’ll first want to log into your account at 


Next, click Balance at the top of the Dashboard and select Configure auto-refill

Configure auto-refill

A window will open showing the settings. If Auto-refill is disabled, you can enable it here as well or alternatively disable it if you no longer wish to have Auto-refill enabled.


The amount to pay can be adjusted using the blue slider under Sum Adjustment

This can range from $25 to $200. You’ll then want to select the option under Auto refill when for your preferred auto refill interval.

The options are…

  • Weekly (every Monday)
  • Monthly (1st of each month)
  • Balance less than $ (A specified dollar amount)

Under Payment Options will be your existing payment method. If you would like to add a different payment option, click Submit a payment and enter the details.

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