Reclaim Cloud Billing FAQs

What is the “Pay As You Go” billing model?

Reclaim Cloud uses a pay as you go model that allows you to budget for your projects and pay only for the actual resources you use. You can scale up with demand as it comes and goes without paying for those limits. Costs are calculated hourly with calculators available to estimate daily and monthly usage. More information is available here.

The 1 minute video below will help you catch the key points of the Reclaim Cloud pricing system flexibility and the problems it helps to solve:


How does billing work?

With automatic scaling you don’t need to guess or predict incoming site load. The Reclaim Cloud platform will automatically adjust the amount of allocated resources at any given moment based on your site’s requirements and your scaling limits. By adjusting your scaling limit for each environment, you are able to define a maximum possible budget for your projects.

Watch the 30 second video below to get a greater sense of how this works:


How to adjust your Scaling Limit:

In order to apply the usage-based pricing model to your Reclaim Cloud environment, perform the following steps:

pricing model 4
Set the Scaling Limit slider (looks like the transparent one above) to your desired maximum resource limit:


Since usage is calculated hourly, your cloudlet (RAM & CPU) consumption can go up and down throughout the day depending on application needs - so you automatically pay a lower price when you’re using fewer resources (e.g. during low traffic periods), and only pay more when additional resources are really needed (e.g. during high traffic periods).

pricing model 6
Set the Reserved Cloudlets slider (the white-colored one above) to the desired value in order to commit the minimum amount of RAM & CPU that you expect to always need and get the discount for them. The exact discount size can vary depending on how many Cloudlets you are reserving in your environment, and you can read more information about pricing discounts here.

Note: For more information about interpreting billing details and tracking resource usage overtime, click here.

Can I cap the amount of resources or money that I’m willing to spend per month?

Yes. Keep in mind that you’re pre-paying, so if you put $25 towards your Reclaim Cloud account, that is the cap regardless of what gets used. To ensure there are no billing surprises, it is important to set your resources limits to make sure they do not go over your desired threshold.

How to Add Funds to your Account

These instructions can be found here. If you want to set your funds to automatically refill, follow this guide .

How to Upgrade your Trial Account

These instructions can be found here.

What happens if I do not upgrade at the end of my Reclaim Cloud Trial?

Before the end of your trial period you’ll see a message in your Reclaim Cloud dashboard that you need to convert your account. (We also send you 2 email reminders as well!) When the trial period finishes, all environments and created content will be suspended.

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