How to provide detailed troubleshooting steps for faster ticket resolution

Providing details to our support team is one of the most important things you can do to reduce the amount of back and forth required to reach a resolution on your issue. When detailed information on how to recreate the issue is not provided, it leads to assumptions and guessing on our part and extents the amount of time necessary to troubleshoot the issue at hand. This guide will walk you through the detailed steps our support agents need for your ticket in order to provide a timely and  helpful response.

Reproduce the Issue

Reproduce the issue you are experiencing for yourself and as you do so write out the steps you take along with any error messages you receive along the way. As you work through the steps to reproduce the issue, write them in a numbered list for our agent to review and recreate. 


"I get an error when trying to upload images to my site"

1. Login to my Reclaim Hosting account at

2. Navigate to cPanel from the menu on the top

3. Navigate to My Apps

4. Click the /wp-admin area to access my WordPress dashboard.

5. Click Media > Add New

6. Upload image (which I've attached to this ticket) by clicking Upload and selecting image from the desktop.

7. Error appears at the top of the page saying "Image dimensions exceed allowable limits. Image not uploaded."

Error Messages

As you create this list of steps look for areas to highlight the problem you are experiencing. Are there any error messages, and did you copy and paste the exact error? If there are no immediate errors listed, please take a screenshot of what you're seeing and add it to the support ticket.

Recent Changes

Additionally make sure to provide any information on changes or updates that may have been the cause of current errors. Did you recently update the version of the software you are running? Did you attempt a fix for a different issue that potentially might have lead to other problems? Any information surrounding the issue at hand will be useful.

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