Sharing Support Tickets with Multiple Admins in Client Area

Let's say you've got a shared hosting account or dedicated server with Reclaim Hosting that is managed by more than one person. Whether its just you and another colleague or full team of folks, it can be helpful for all admins to have access to the same support ticket dashboard. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, and this article will walk through best practices when working with Support tickets for your Institution. 


Choosing a dedicated support email

If you're sharing responsibilities with a team of folks that need to stay in the loop on all support conversations, it may make sense to have a 'catch-all' or group inbox dedicated to these support requests. If you're able to set up a new email address, something like or may be a simple way to approach this. Just make sure that all admins have access to the inbox.

From there, be sure to submit support requests to Reclaim Hosting from this dedicated email address. That way all admins can stay in the loop and see tickets in the same Client Area Dashboard. If you want to make sure that each admin can see support requests in their own Client Area Portals as well, simply CC individual emails to the ticket thread. 


Separate Client Area Portals 

If you'd rather not share a single Client Area Portal to manage support requests for a larger team, we can always help you set up accounts for each admin so everyone has a separate set of credentials. From there, you'll just want to cc all relevant parties to the support tickets, and then each individual will be able to see corresponding tickets in their own dashboards. 


Viewing Tickets:

At your request, we can help you associate a team email with any given Client Area Portal, so long as it is not already in use. All tickets submitted from that email address in the Support section of the portal dashboard:


You can also click Support > View All Messages from the Portal menu:


The following window will break down your entire ticket history with Reclaim Hosting. In addition to tickets that you've submitted, you can also view requests that you've been CC'd on as well: 



Submitting a New Ticket

You can submit a ticket from your team email address by using one of the following methods:

  • going to (recommended)
  • selecting Support > Submit a Ticket in the Client Area Portal dashboard
  • heading to our Help Center and clicking Submit a Request
  • writing to with the team email address

You'll fill out a brief form to describe what you're looking to accomplish during the ticket. 


In the Your Email Address field, you will want to add the team email address. This way the ticket is accessible to your admin group. Once the ticket is submitted, you'll get an email to that user and you can CC your personal email or any other admin in the group so they are aware of the ticket. 

For more information, make sure to read our guide on contacting Reclaim Hosting.

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