Using External Nameservers for your Reclaim Hosting Domain

There are situations where you may have a domain registered by Reclaim Hosting that you want to host with an external company such as Wix or These companies will typically provide you with nameservers to point the domain away from our server and allow them to host the content for your domain. Here is how to update the nameservers for domains registered by Reclaim Hosting but pointed to external services

Accessing your Domains

To begin login at our client area and go to Domains > My Domains.


Managing Domain Details

From the list of your domain registrations with Reclaim Hosting, choose the dropdown next to Manage Domain and select Manage Nameservers.


Editing Nameservers

From this screen, you can edit the nameservers to point to external services and clicking Change Nameservers to save them.



Be aware that nameserver changes can take 24-48 hours to work globally as DNS propagates across the web. If you are unsure if you have set them up correctly feel free to reach out to us for support!

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