WordPress Backups in the Cloud

Reclaim Cloud environments are automatically backed-up nightly and retained for two weeks. These backups can be restored by Reclaim Hosting staff upon request.

If you would like to manage your own additional backups for a WordPress environment in Reclaim Cloud that can be accomplished by following this guide.

In order to install a Backup environment for Wordpress in Reclaim Cloud, you'll first want to log into your Reclaim Cloud Dashboard and go to Marketplace:

Next, type backup in the search field and select the Backup Storage installer. (Note: you do not want the WordPress specified backup installers for this case, just the generic backup environment):

Now decide on storage size, environment name and region. Keep in mind that the backup environment must be in same region as the WordPress instance. Finally, click install:

Once you get the message that the backup storage installer was successfully deployed, select the Add-ons icon associated with the WordPress instance you would like to back up:

On the following window, install the WordPress Backup/Restore add-on:

Once that is installed, you'll want to configure how often backups should take place by determining the Backup Schedule, Backup Storage location, and Number of backups stored. Once complete, click Install:

After that, you will have the options from the WordPress Backup/Restore add-on to Backup Now, Configure, and Restore WordPress:

You can use the Configure option to determine how often to backup the instance (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), as well as how many backups to keep. You also can specify a cron job, as well as use the default options available. The Backup Now option runs an immediate backup job regardless of the schedule, and Restore does as advertised: restores the backup of your choice.

For more information, make sure to read through our guide, Backups on Reclaim Cloud

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