Managing Invoices in the Client Area

NOTE: This article is intended for customers who have an active Hosting/Domain account and access to our Client Portal. If you currently do not have an account with Reclaim Hosting, our available Products & Services can be reviewed. If you are previously associated with BYU Domains, you may follow these steps to pay your invoice.


Step one: Logging in

Step two: Billing

  • After logging into the Client Portal you should see the Dashboard and the features within such as the top menu bar which includes Home, Accounts, cPanel, Domains, Billing, Support, and Community. You will want to click on the tab for Billing, then click on My Invoices. Alternatively, you can also click on the encircled Dollar sign to the top left of the page. Both will direct you to the My Invoices page.


Step three: Select Invoice or Pay All

  • Once you are on the My Invoices page you will see the list of bill items set to either Paid, Unpaid, or Cancelled as shown below. Next, you will want to click on the link for the particular Invoice which needs to be paid. For this example, I will click on the Invoice #101987 which is listed as Unpaid.


      • You can also click on the Pay All button which will provide a full list of each bill item due currently. You can choose Credit or PayPal and view Invoice only. After reviewing click Make Payment.

NOTE: We also have some great support articles for additional information about the Payment Methods Available based on the type of Hosting account, as well as for Creating a Sub-Account within the Client Area to allow others to pay the invoice on your behalf. (e.g., someone from your financing at your institution.)

Step four: Review and Pay Now

  • Once you are on the Invoice page this will provide more detail including the Invoice To Address, Reclaim Hosting's Pay To Address, Invoice Date, Due Date, the individual bill item(s) Description, the Amount to be paid, and lastly a drop down menu located to the top right corner for payment method stated as Invoice Only. In order to proceed with the payment you will have to select the Payment method, such as Credit Card, from that dropdown menu. A Pay Now button should appear. Click Pay Now to be directed to the next page for entering the Payment information.


Step five: Payment information

  • Finally, enter in the payment information then select the button which states Click to Continue. Once the order has been submitted you will receive an email confirmation of payment. That's it!

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