Creating a Site Template

This article explains how to save your own website install as a template for others to use. The idea is that your DoOO Community can install a pre-built WordPress site, for instance, instead of a clean install without configured themes/plugins/settings/etc. It’s incredibly simple to set up, and opens up a new realm of potential for how you can be using your DoOO Platform. A template for beginners? A template for writing-intensive courses? Perhaps a template for the bio department’s research-heavy work that needs to be password protected? If you’re interested in saving your own install as a template, keep scrolling.

Building Out the Template

Build out your WordPress install (or any application for that matter) exactly how you want it to be pushed out server-wide. Make sure you’re building out the template on the server where you’re planning on sharing it.



Note that if you make changes to the install after it has been templated, those changes will not be reflected. Installatron essentially takes a snapshot of what the install looks like at the time it’s saved. If you need to update your application, you’ll need to remove & replace it.


Log into WHM. Search ‘install’ in the top, left-hand search bar. Navigate to Installatron Applications Installer & then click Installed Applications.



Now you should see a list of all installs (through Installatron) on the server. Search your install in the top, right-hand corner. Click the star next to the install that you’d like to turn into a Template.


On the following page, give a title and description for your Template. These will be public. After you’ve finished, click Template in the bottom right.



Testing the Finished Product

Test it out! If you go back to your personal dashboard and install a new instance of WordPress, you should now have the option to install templated package of the WordPress you just created. We recommend that all site templates be kept in a single cPanel account for ease of access and long term management.


Removing a Template

Search ‘Install’, click Installatron Applications Installer, & click Templates.


Scroll down, select the template you’d like to remove and click the X. You’ll be asked to confirm the action, and then you’re good to go!


Now when I go to install WordPress, the template has been removed:


See our Working with Installatron article for a comprehensive list of related Support articles.
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