Detecting Activity through Server Statistics

A web server does not, by default, track analytical data about usage beyond very basic statistical use of resources. However this data alone can provide some insight into who is making use of the server and how. In this guide we will show you some options for finding data on activity usage on a cPanel/WHM server.


Bandwidth is the amount of data downloaded and uploaded by a given cPanel user. cPanel stores this data in WHM under View Bandwidth Usage


You can sort the Xfer column to find which accounts are using the most bandwidth. Often this will reveal sites that are getting a lot of traffic which can be a good indicator of interesting and notable projects and accounts with content and activity.

If a user has more than one subdomain or addon domain associated with a single cPanel account a + button next to their primary domain will appear that can be clicked to expand giving statics about all of the domains in the account


Disk Usage

While not a perfect metric for “activity”, finding which accounts have larger amounts of data on them and which ones have none can help reveal what percentage of your users have content on their domain. To do this go to WHM under List Accounts. The Disk Used column can be clicked to sort by showing accounts with the most data used on the server.


You can also scroll to the bottom of the List Accounts page and export a CSV for further analysis


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