Migration Assistance


Migration Project Assistance? What does this entail?

One of the hardest parts of moving to a new host is getting domains transferred, all your files moved over, and hoping you managed to do it all correctly. We want to take that burden off your hands by taking care of the migration for you. We’ve done enough migrations over the years to confidently assist you in getting all your content moved from there to here seamlessly, with practically zero downtime, and fast. Let us juggle the ins and outs of moving accounts while you sit back and watch.

How Pricing Works

Migrations are completed on a per-project basis. The cost of each migration project is contingent on the overall scope of the project, and is determined by the estimated total number of hours it will take to complete.

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Domain of One's Own Students

You’re in luck! The move from Domain of One’s Own to Shared Hosting is completely free.

For Institutions / Bulk Migrations 

Interested in moving sites in bulk? We’ll cut you a sweet deal. Contact Us for more information.

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