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Installatron is a powerful web application installer that integrates with cPanel and allows users to instantly install top web applications with a single click. Check out the full list of 100+ applications available to Reclaim Hosting customers through Installatron.

When looking through the list of installatron applications, please note that only the open source applications will be available to Reclaim customers. To determine if an application is open source, click the application page and look to the requirements section on the sidebar. You should see something that looks like this: 


(^This screenshot is taken from Installatron's WordPress page.)

Application Upgrades

Keep in mind that upgrades to applications are usually a few months behind in installatron. Reclaim Hosting has to wait for Installatron to test and release upgrades internally before those are pushed out to application installers. In the interim, you can always manually install and upgrade applications outside of Installatron.

Application Level Support

While Reclaim Hosting can't offer application-level support for all scenarios, our Support Team will always take a look as a courtesy to see if we can get you pointed in the right direction. As a starting point, we recommend checking out our support guides for popular 1-click applications.

Looking for more?

Reclaim Hosting has also partnered with web developers to build a few custom installers for additional applications in Installatron.

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