Running Azuracast on Reclaim Cloud

Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cloudlet Usage: 14

This is a guide for getting the web radio software Azuracast up and running in Reclaim Cloud.

You can find Azuracast by clicking Marketplace and navigating to the Education category or searching by name.

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Installing is as easy as setting an environment name and region for the install. SSL will be provisioned automatically for the environment and your install will be up and running after several minutes. The installer dialog will provide an administrative URL once setup is complete.

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Once the installation is complete, your copy of Azuracast is online and available at the provided URL.

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You can create your admin account with a username and password you enter, and in order to learn more about customizing Azuracast you can find more about both system administration and station management in the documentation on their website.


Custom Domain and SSL

If you would like a custom domain for your radio station, that is possible by adding a public IP address to your container:

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 8.20.28 PM|690x168

Once you have the IP address, you will need to point an A record for the domain being mapped to that IP address.

After that, you will have to access the SSH terminal and run the following commands to enable the SSL certificate for the newly mapped domain:

cd /var/azuracast
./ update-self
./ letsencrypt-create


Post installation configuration

If you are planning to use SSL or the Reclaim Cloud Shared Load balancer, make sure to enable the Use Web Proxy for radio option when setting up your station:

You will also likely need to restart the broadcasting service for that change to take effect. You can do that from the Utilities menu on the station profile page:


Mapping Endpoints for Broadcasting when using the Shared Load Balancer

If you do not plan to map a custom domain for your station, and instead are using the Shared Load Balancer, you will need to map an endpoint to your environment to open up a port for broadcasting. After setting up a DJ account in Azuracast, the application provides you with instructions on how to connect from clients like Audio Hijack or Rocket Broadcaster.


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