Installing WordPress on Reclaim Cloud

Difficulty: Beginner

One of the most popular applications for deploying a website or blog is WordPress. Reclaim Cloud makes the process of getting this up and running really easy.

First you’ll want to log into your account at


If you haven’t yet installed any applications, the Dashboard will look like this…

You’ll want to click on Deploy Solution from Marketplace

Find the WordPress Standalone Kit and hover over this with your cursor.

You will then be able to click the blue Install button.


The default installation settings do not need to be modified.


Click the green Install button.

The installation will take several minutes.

Installation Progress

Once completed you’ll be presented with a screen showing the environment URL and admin panel credentials. These will also be sent to your registered e-mail address along with several other e-mails detailing the installation process.

Installation Successful


Clicking Open in Browser brings up the standard WordPress Hello world! screen.

You have now successfully installed WordPress on Reclaim Cloud.

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