Installing and Configuring Mukurtu

In this guide, we'll cover how to install and configure a new Mukurtu application from the All Applications section of the Reclaim Hosting cPanel. This article assumes that you already have a Reclaim Shared Hosting account.


About Mukurtu

Mukurtu CMS is an open-source, community archive application built on Drupal that allows users to narrate and share digital cultural heritage in ethically-minded ways. From

Mukurtu (MOOK-oo-too) is a grassroots project aiming to empower communities to manage, share, and exchange their digital heritage in culturally relevant and ethically-minded ways. We are committed to maintaining an open, community-driven approach to Mukurtu’s continued development. Our first priority is to help build a platform that fosters relationships of respect and trust.

You can learn more about Mukurtu's mission, beginnings, development, and sustainability here.


Installing Mukurtu in cPanel

  1. Log into Client Area and navigate to cPanel 
  2. Head to the Applications section and select All Applications


4. Choose Mukurtu from the list of available applications to install, and then click Install this application in the right-hand corner:

5. Next, you'll be able to choose the domain location where you'd like to install the application, the latest available software version, as well as other update & backup settings. You can learn more about Installatron update and backup settings here.

6. When done, scroll to the bottom and click Install. When your screen refreshes, you'll be able to watch the progress bar as application files are installed in your account:



Configuring Mukurtu

7. Once the initial installation is complete, open a new browser tab and search the domain where you just installed Mukuru. You should see a setup page:


8. Click Save and continue to begin the next phase of the configuration process. This step may take a few minutes as additional modules are installed:


9. Once complete, fill out the prompted fields under the Configure Site section for Site name, email address, login credentials, country and time zone. Click Save and continue.


Once the page refreshes, you'll see an "Installation Complete!" notice to let you know that the initial setup is done. 


Getting Started with Mukurtu

10. Next, you can visit your new Mukurtu site, login as needed, visit the prompts in the Mukurtu dashboard to begin customizing:


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