Reclaim Cloud vs Reclaim Hosting Professional Services

Reclaim Hosting offers a number of products, from Shared Hosting to Domain of One's Own and even Reclaim Cloud. Shared Hosting offers the benefit of ease of automated installations for applications like WordPress and Omeka, while Reclaim Cloud offers the flexibility of installing anything you'd like while being able to start and stop environments with a single click.

Within Shared Hosting, Reclaim offers an additional service, Professional Services. This service offers additional support, access to a low tenant VIP server for your account, among other things.

With all of the awesome features of both, you may be wondering which product is right for you? This article will dive into the differences between Reclaim Hosting's Professional Services and Reclaim Cloud offerings, the advantages of each, and when to purchase each. 

Reclaim Cloud

Reclaim Cloud is one of Reclaim's newest product offerings that breaks the bounds of a traditional cPanel based hosting environment and allows you to host almost any application you'd like (even those not compatible with cPanel). In Reclaim Cloud, applications and environments can scale seamlessly through a containerized infrastructure. This creates a space for easy development and exploration outside of a traditional hosting sphere. 

Environment Adjustments

Users can adjust their environments in more ways than a traditional shared hosting account, from storage and memory to specific server requirements like Apache or MySQL versions. These settings can be configured to your preference with a few clicks in your Reclaim Cloud dashboard. In this space, users are not limited to a specific software stack, but can instead adjust the environment structure to accommodate their desired application. This is a great option for users who find themselves using a lot of resources or see a lot of traffic come through their sites.

For more information, check out the following:


Another benefit of Reclaim Cloud is the flexible automatic billing options, including monthly invoicing. Users can refill their account by a specific dollar amount or set the account to automatically refill after a certain threshold. Manual payment management becomes a thing of the past, as Reclaim Cloud allows you to set and forget through automatic payments. Billing is also based on the resources used for the particular environment, meaning you pay as you go, and you're never paying for resources that you don't need. Users can set up multiple environments in one dashboard and even start/stop environments as needed to keep costs lower.

For more information read Reclaim Cloud Billing FAQs.

Professional Services

Reclaim Hosting introduced Professional Services as a means for users to receive assistance on higher-level needs within a cPanel shared hosting account. This may be helpful for you if you are looking for a Service Level Agreement, Malware Protection, Website Optimization, or consultative assistance that may fall outside the scope of our normal support services. Professional Services is folded into your shared hosting bill and is invoiced on an annual basis. 

  • You can learn more about what's included in Professional Services here.

Escalated Support

Users working on the Professional Services offering are eligible for the additional support needs ranging from installing and configuring applications, plugins, or themes, to in-depth questions for email hosting or file management and account organization. Users can work with support agents directly to answer these sorts of questions. Additionally, all Professional Services customers will receive priority support assistance in the the Reclaim Hosting ticket queue.

Malware Protection

While Reclaim Hosting Shared Hosting does include regular malware scanning across our servers, the Professional Services option offers a more in-depth approach to Malware protection. Through weekly scans, Reclaim Hosting's support can work to remove any malicious content on a site to get you back up and running.

Low-Tenant, VIP Server 

Sites that are included under Professional Services will be migrated to a low tenant, VIP shared hosting server. This will help optimize site performance and loading speeds during small spikes in traffic, for example. While the VIP Server is an added benefit for Professional Services customers, users that are looking to have more site resources only should first consider Reclaim Cloud as a more suitable hosting platform.   

If you still have questions about what hosting setup may be right for you, submit a ticket to us!

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