What is Pressbooks?


Pressbooks* is a special WordPress application designed for open publishing, allowing its users to publish books of their own. At Reclaim, Pressbooks is available both on its own through Managed Hosting and as an integration with a Domain of One’s Own instance.

With Managed Hosting, users will be able to log into a larger Pressbooks instance and self-publish, creating books and documents of their own hosted through Pressbooks.

Domain of One’s Own offers two Pressbooks options: the larger instance, which works similar to Pressbooks via Managed Hosting, and Pressbooks as an integrated, 1-click application installer, which means that individual users will be able to install the Pressbooks application on their own cPanels easily through Installatron.



At Reclaim Hosting, Pressbooks includes offers the following:

  • A free custom domain
  • An optimized server environment for all Pressbooks dependencies, plugins, and themes
  • Customizable themes for professional book designs
  • Integration with Open Textbooks
  • Pre-installed dependencies and export formats
  • Automated Application Set-up at Point of Sign-Up
  • Single Sign On Integration (additional fee)
  • Regular offsite file level backups
  • ... as well as everything included in the general Managed Hosting or Domain of One's Own environment


When integrated with Domain of One’s Own, Pressbooks is available for an additional $50/month. As part of a Managed Hosting instance, you can use this cost calculator to determine pricing based on the size of the project.



Pressbooks is a Reclaim Hosting service provider that produces Pressbooks and Pressbooks Directory. More information can be found on Pressbooks’ own website. While Reclaim Hosting offers an open-source version of the Pressbooks application, Pressbooks is a separate entity from Reclaim Hosting.

Pressbooks requires PrinceXML to be installed on a server to allow exporting books as PDF. Depending on the use case, it may be necessary to purchase a license for PrinceXML, after which we’d be happy to help you integrate it with your Pressbooks instance. 


Further Questions

If you’re interested in Pressbooks and would like to know more about using it with Managed Hosting or Domain of One’s Own, please feel free to contact us at

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