BYU Domains to Reclaim Hosting: Paying your invoice

NOTE: This article is intended for end users previously associated with BYU Domains that are looking to keep their hosting and domain active with Reclaim Hosting. If you have not been previously associated with BYU Domains and are looking to pay your Reclaim Shared Hosting invoice, you may follow these steps.

Step one: Logging in

  • To begin, you will want to log into your new Reclaim Hosting Client Area Portal. Please note that the first time you log in, you'll be required to reset your password.



Step two: Billing

  • After logging into the Client Portal you should see the Dashboard and the features within such as the top menu bar which includes Home, Services, Domains, Billing, Support, Open Ticket, and cPanel. You will want to click on the tab for Billing, then click on My Invoices. Alternatively, you can also click on the "1 Invoice" Credit Card symbol towards the bottom right in your dashboard. Both will direct you to the My Invoices page.




Step three: Select Invoice or Pay All

  • Once you are on the My Invoices page you will see the list of invoice items set to either Paid, Unpaid, or Cancelled as shown below. Next, you will want to click on the link for the particular Invoice which needs to be paid. For this example, you would click on Invoice #44935 which is listed as Unpaid.


  • You can also click on the Pay All button on the left sidebar, which will provide a full list of each bill item due currently.



Step four: Review and Pay Now

  • On the next window, you will see the details of the Invoice you selected. In order to proceed with the payment, please make sure Payment Method is set to Credit Card, after which a Pay Now button will appear. Click the Pay Now button to be directed to the next page for entering the Payment information.



Step five: Payment information

  • Finally, you'll be brought to a Checkout window where you can enter your payment information into the proper fields. When you're ready to proceed, click Submit Payment to complete the transaction. Once payment has been submitted you will receive an email confirmation of payment. That's it!


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