Moving to Advanced Applications to Reclaim Cloud

Starting in January 2022, Reclaim Hosting is removing support for advanced CloudLinux applications in cPanel dashboards, as well as removing the ability to install these applications. Going forward, all advanced applications like Ruby, Python, and Node.js should be managed in Reclaim Cloud or hosted elsewhere. This guide will walk you through moving your content from Reclaim Hosting Shared Hosting, over to a Reclaim Cloud environment. 


Setting up Environment in Reclaim Cloud

Once you sign up for your Reclaim Cloud account, it's time to set up your environment. The specific settings will depend on the application you're running, you can read more about the specific setup through Jelastic's documentation. 

You can start with a base number of resources like Cloudlets, then adjust at any time based on the application needs. From there you can also manage any modules, packages, or dependencies in the guides above as well. You may need to specify the paths to the locations of these modules/dependencies/packages.


Getting Files in cPanel

Before we begin moving the files over to the environment, I highly recommend you create a backup of your files. Backups can be generated through cPanel under the "Backup" section or download a full backup from Jebackup.




From there, you'll want to navigate to the file path where the application lives. You can zip up the files or use SSH or FTP the files into the new location. Make sure to include any databases, if needed. You can export databases directly through PHPMyAdmin.


Reclaim Cloud

Once you have a copy of the files and/or database, you'll want to navigate over to your Reclaim Cloud environment. 

Most environments will use the file path /var/www/webroot/ROOT to locate application files. You can upload files through FTP. This can be added to your environment as an add-on. 


After everything is uploaded, you are good to go! You can remove the files from your cPanel account. You can work with the Jelastic Documentation and Reclaim Cloud Documentation we have set up from here on our Help Center or Community Forums.



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