How the Process Works

You set the exit policies:

Historically, Reclaim lets the school set the exit policies which work best for them. Specifically, this means deciding what the deadline is for a user to remove their content from an account before that account is deprovisioned. For example, one school might ask their students to migrate or remove their content by a week after graduation; another might give their students six months to make the transfer.

Next Steps for the User:

Reclaim tries to make the migration process for students simple. Students departing their institution can sign up for a shared hosting account with Reclaim, and then put in a support ticket to have their data migrated. Because Reclaim manages both the institution's server and the Shared Hosting servers, the migration can be completed very easily.

If students wish to migrate elsewhere, they can do this by taking a full cPanel backup and then contacting the provider of their choice to ask about migration processes.

Migrating Elsewhere: Alternatively, they can take a full cPanel backup and move elsewhere.

Feel free to use this language to provide an explanation of the process.

Next Steps for the School:

Once the student’s account has been migrated off the DoOO server, the account can be removed from the server & deleted in WHMCS. You are welcome to do this on your own, but you can also request assistance from Reclaim Hosting.

In the event that you would like Reclaim to help with bulk account termination, send a .csv file with the list of accounts to be terminated.

If you wish, we can also suspend an account without terminating the content. This works well for the scenario in which a student says, "My account is suspended, but I wanted to have it moved."

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