Purchasing an Additional Domain

This guide is for folks that want to register a new domain. If you’ve already registered your domain, visit our guide on Connecting an Existing Top Level Domain with cPanel.

Schools may choose to offer the opportunity for students to purchase a domain through Reclaim Hosting directly for $15 annually and add it to their account. All billing for renewals as well as domain management tools like transfer locks and authorization codes will be handled through Reclaim Hosting’s billing portal while the domain can be hosted directly through the user’s cPanel account with their school.

Purchase Domain

To begin the user should sign up for a hosting account through their institution with a subdomain of their choice. There is no requirement to start with a top level domain, rather the user can choose to install software like WordPress and start building out their site in advance of purchasing a domain. When a user is ready to add a domain to their account they will find the Register a Top-Level Domain option in cPanel under Domains.


This panel offers a step-by-step guide to registering and adding a new top-level domain to a Domain of One’s Own account. In the first step the user will need to register the domain. A button linking directly to the order form at Reclaim Hosting is provided, however users have the option of registering a domain with the domain registrar of their choice and pointing the nameservers to ns1.reclaimhosting.com and ns2.reclaimhosting.com.



Search available domain names to find the perfect fit.
All domains registered through Reclaim Hosting include WHOIS contact privacy by default.
During checkout the user will add their contact information and setup a client account with Reclaim Hosting to manage the billing and renewal of the domain going forward.

Once the domain is registered the user will add the domain to cPanel under the Addon Domains section to activate hosting for their new domain registration.

Add the Domain to cPanel

After purchasing the new domain, head to your cPanel, scroll down and click Domains. Click the Create A New Domain button. Next, type in your newly purchased domain in the Enter the domain that you would like to create: field. Be sure to uncheck the Share document root option if you don't want the Addon Domain to share the same document root as your primary domain.


Once you’re done setting up your domain options, click Submit and wait a few seconds for your changes to process. That’s pretty much it!

At this point the domain registration is active and hosted in the account. If this domain is for a new site they will now find the domain available to install software like WordPress on the domain. If the user already has a site they want the domain to be used for they should proceed to the third step where they will clone an existing install to a new directory.

Clone Application


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