Shared Hosting Pricing Changes & FAQ

Shared Hosting Pricing Changes

Since founding Reclaim Hosting in 2013, we have set out to keep our hosting offerings as affordable as possible given we serve a diverse community of students and educators around the world who are often investing their own resources into the sites they build. We have always been intentional about keeping prices low, and part of that entailed assuming the costs of a top-level domain registration for all shared hosting accounts.

Due to the steadily rising costs of domains we will no longer be able to absorb the cost of top-level domain registrations with our shared hosting plans. Beginning January 1, 2021 all domain registrations and renewals will start at $15/year (including ID Protect). This change will impact both new and existing customers.

That said, we are mindful this increase may affect a number of courses that encourage students to sign up for hosting as part of their curriculum. To that end, we will continue to provide a subdomain option at no additional cost for all shared hosting plans to avoid impacting users that need cPanel access through Reclaim Hosting to affordably complete coursework.

We appreciate your understanding of these necessary changes as we continue to provide you with the service and support you have come to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this impact my renewal bill?

All invoices created before January 1, 2021 will not be impacted. Invoices created after January 1, 2021 will see the following changes:

  • Personal Plan ($30) + 1 Top Level Domain with ID Protect ($15) = $45
  • Professional Plan ($50) + 1 Top Level Domain with ID Protect ($15) = $65
  • Organizational Plan ($100) + 1 Top Level Domain with ID Protect ($15) = $115

Do I have to buy a $15 top level domain to sign up for a hosting plan?

No! All Reclaim Hosting customers still have the option to sign up for a shared hosting plan and a corresponding free subdomain of For example:


I purchased shared hosting accounts in bulk and have a promo code to give out to students/faculty. Will anything change for me or promo code users?

Activated promo codes will not be impacted. If you have a question about your specific promo code, please contact us 7.

Still have questions?

Please submit a support request to with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

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