Bulk Shared Hosting

What is Bulk Shared Hosting?

Reclaim’s Bulk Shared Hosting package is the perfect way to introduce members of your organization to management of their own websites. Like Shared Hosting, each user receives a domain, website, and shared space on one of Reclaim’s servers with which they can create their own website. More websites can also be created in this space, as long as the total amount of resources used by these sites doesn’t exceed the user’s allotment.

How does it work?

Bulk Shared Hosting is a way to consolidate what would otherwise be many individual Shared Hosting accounts, including ones that users may wish to create in the future. An organization may purchase shared hosting plans in bulk at any tier of the three hosting plans available, listed below; it can additionally choose to offer custom domains to its users. Both these accounts and these domains would be ordered by the Institution, whose users would then sign up for the account and/or the domain using a specific promo code created at the time of the order. These promo codes allow Reclaim to confirm that the requested account or domain has been purchased on the user’s behalf ahead of time.

Pricing and Features

Reclaim Hosting’s available individual shared hosting plans are as follows:

  1. Personal - $30/year, 2GB storage, per account
  2. Professional - $50/year, 10GB storage, per account
  3. Organizational - $100/year, 100GB storage, per account


In addition, any and all shared hosting plans at Reclaim hosting come with the following features:

  • the ability to use a free subdomain of .reclaim.hosting or register a top level domain for an additional $15 annually. (As above, bulk shared hosting accounts can also redeem a pre-purchased promo code for a top level domain.)
  • the ability to add unlimited add-on domains, subdomains, databases, bandwidth, and e-mail addresses.
  • access to SSH, FTP, IMAP, POP, WebDAV, PHP, MySQL
  • access to Reclaim Hosting standard support services

With all shared hosting accounts, including bulk shared hosting accounts, Reclaim Hosting provides customer support, includes security protocols and updates, safeguards against crashes and downtime, and maintains server infrastructure. The end-user is responsible for setting up and running their own sites.

Other services beyond Bulk Shared Hosting

A full comparison between the various hosting plans is available here so that you can determine the right choice for your institution. If you are considering purchasing a high-volume bulk shared hosting plan, you may also be interested in Domain of One’s Own, a similar Reclaim Hosting package which starts at 500 user accounts available. You can find more information regarding Domain of One’s Own here.

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